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HourlyBreakingNews.Com is a USA and international news aggregate web site similar to the DrudgeReport, but with the following important advantages:

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Our goal is to provide truthful, timely, comprehensive news and commentary free of charge to patriotic citizens, so that they can cast wise, well-informed votes at the ballot box. We do not control what news sites post, and do not endorse everything they post. However, if we notice a pattern of intentional deception, we remove that site from our list of news sources (we have removed many over the past two years).

Our history

HourlyBreakingNews.Com began in 2017 as a computer generated webpage on our own server for our own news consumption. We found it indispensable---by far the best news site we had ever used. So, we bought the HourlyBreakingNews.Com domain name, and sent the updated webpage each hour to a commercial server via FTP so others could benefit from it as well.

Sending it via FTP to the commercial server sometimes resulted in unexpectedly long down times. To remedy that problem, as of July the 4th, 2017, HourlyBreakingNews.Com is generated, served, and backed up on a secure commercial server.